Deep Dive into the Customer Journey: Understanding Incremental Sales and Return on Advertising Spend

Most marketers have some idea which media are driving sales. They may even know the media that influence sales, but what about the sales revenue that were driven by a channel or partner’s sole contribution?

These metrics can help you better determine the value and contribution of each channel and leverage partnerships to drive incremental revenues and more new customers. Furthermore, using these metrics, you can analyze how a channel compares to other channels like affiliate, paid search, social, display, and email.

If you could unlock these insights, how would you leverage the data? Join Impact Radius as we take a deep dive into the customer journey to understand incremental sales.

This free webinar will provide strategies and tips on the metrics and technology that can help you understand how to:

- Identify media partners contributing incremental sales

- Use a standard set of metrics to analyze media performance data

- Adjust your media buys and compensation model for partners that actually drive incremental growth