Finding the Gold in Your Data

Big Data has big buzz these days. But how do you move from getting and managing the data to really finding the gold within it? Numbers and KPIs tell an important story that help you identify where to find the next big opportunity, how to drive faster new customer acquisitions, where to focus your marketing spend and where to leverage strategic partnerships for higher ROI.

With a particular focus on affiliate marketing, this webinar will highlight how Big Data can be used for smarter, more profitable and more sustainable affiliate program growth.

This free, 45 minute webinar will help you answer the following questions:

- How we do tell which types of media partners are bringing the best value to my program and company goals?

- Where does affiliate marketing fit into the overall buying cycle?

- How can I tell if my affiliate channel is actually driving incremental sales & new customer acquisitions?

- How do I look at media partner performance and identify new opportunities?